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Adopting the blended approach

27th July 2017, by Lauren Tomlinson

Learning is usually focused on a specific methodology or technology. This can make it easy to fall into a channelled way of thinking. This is particularly true when designing blended…

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5 Learning Technology Trends

20th July 2017, by Philip Montague

Machine learning Giving a computer the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed has wide reaching applications, but potentially nowhere with more impact than in learning and development. Imagine the…

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3 key learning styles: What works for you?

18th July 2017, by Lauren Tomlinson

Blended learning Self-engagement Improves efficiency Structured approach Best of both worlds This method provides a flexible approach by the various ways that online resources can be used. It is not…

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Does size really matter?

14th July 2017, by Lauren Tomlinson

The size of your printed training materials or the option to use digital courseware, has an impact on accessibility and engagement for students. In the modern learning environment which is…

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Learning styles explained

4th July 2017, by Lauren Tomlinson

I’ve heard many times, that blended learning is the most beneficial learning style of all time. But is blended learning really best for all students? To answer that question, we…

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Fail to realise potential?

28th June 2017, by Lauren Tomlinson

Frustrating. A word that a manager could use to describe watching an under confident employee constantly fail to realise their potential to be great. You might be completely convinced of…

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To blend or not to blend learning?

22nd June 2017, by Lauren Tomlinson

Let’s get our head around what blended learning really is, and then we can answer the question… Blended learning is also known as ‘hybrid’ or ‘mix modes’. These are forms…

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