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3 x Your Brain Power

24th May 2017, by Lauren Tomlinson

Learning is a complex thing. Some things are harder to master and take longer to retain than others. For example, number crunching. I’m not very good at retaining numerical information….

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A Real Pain

8th May 2017, by Philip Montague

I’m sat with someone I care about and they’re telling me everything is alright. We talk about progress and updates and what’s going on. They’re telling everything is ok. We…

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Recruiting quality

6th May 2017, by Dan Hadleigh

The single biggest driving force behind the exceptionally high levels of quality and consistency we achieve at KnowledgePoint is our people. All the airtight systems, quality checks and automation in…

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6 creative ways to make learning stick

3rd May 2017, by Emmanuelle Prince

‘Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn’ Benjamin Franklin These words ring true when it comes to successful learning. Have you ever…

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