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Digitise your printed content

Our proprietary eCourseware offers a highly dynamic and flexible presentation of your training materials. Your students can also make notes, highlight and bookmark content to support their learning. It affords you the flexibility of instructor led training, with both offline and online versions, and importantly extends the impact of your training courses before and after their time in the classroom.

Most importantly we have the simplest, most secure administration in the industry. Timed access for individual students, limitations on the content that they can copy and share, and the ability to run last-minute registrations in real time.

Available anywhere

Users can access content in the classroom or on the move both at home and at work. Your course material will be available via any device, online and offline on desktop. Annotations are synced across platforms and can be highlighted as text or freehand. Functions also include a comprehensive search and interactive content like video. All this while safeguarding your intellectual property with class leading security measures.

Give your students the best possible chance to explore your content and make the most of their learning experience with you.

Authoring and design

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Interactive eCourseware

Bringing your learning to life online

Our software provides access to your training materials in various forms from simple page replication to more enriched and dynamic formats like video. It allows content providers to give access to their materials using a controlled distribution model, whilst allowing the content to be annotated, highlighted and bookmarked.

We use IP address validation, a strict, timed redemption process, limited copying functionality amongst other security measures to protect your intellectual property.

Appreciating that student interaction with the training content is a crucial element of the overall training course, our software provides 24hr a day access, at home and at work, with a comprehensive search. It’s synchronises across the platforms a student is using and allows collaboration between the students and the instructor.

Document management

Bringing your learning to life in good order

Our digital learning software allows you to implement strict version control and manage and full library of content. The redemption approach to accessing your content means that students can have access to their own unique version of your library, adding new materials as they continue to study and always having their notes available to them, if they’re paying for access.

You can store multiple versions of your content so as the course materials are updated you can decide what your students still have access to. Charging for more up to date versions if you like. Manage the storage, sharing, collaboration and archiving of all your course materials on a per user basis and keep track of what your students are accessing and when.

  • We had concerns about how effective digital courseware could be after more than twenty years of instructor led training. MyLiveBook was the perfect blend of the old and new. Our students love it.

    VP Learning and Development, a Nasdaq Tech 100 company - KnowledgePoint customer for 2 years

Policy management

Brining your learning to life safely

In organisations that have strict legislative responsibilities it can be tough to provide employees with up to the moment access to the latest policies and procedures. Our document management software does exactly that by giving your employees access to the latest version of your materials, with password access and the need to process a redemption assigned to an individual IP address means that documents can’t be shared outside of the organisation if you don’t want them to be.

Online backup and access via any device is ideal for business continuity, keeps your business working safely and in an agile way, at a cost comparative to print.

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