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MyLiveBook - provide your own courseware in a dynamic & secure way to your customers

MyLiveBook provides access to training materials in various forms from simple page replication to more enriched dynamic formats.  The delivery platform allows content providers to give access to their materials using a controlled distribution model, whilst allowing the content to be annotated, highlighted and bookmarked – allowing materials and annotations to be synchronised across all platforms.

All that is required is for your current courseware content to be loaded on the MyLiveBook platform.

We make sure your material is available anytime and anywhere, enable strict version control and protect your intellectual property.

“….not only is the delivery platform very cost effective, it’s also so much accessible for all involved, especially students”.

The Business Benefits of MyLiveBook

MyLiveBook has all the vital benefits of working on paper – notes and highlights plus all the benefits of a digital environment

Secure – content can’t be copied and content access is restricted and controlled
Synchronised – content is always available, always accessible and all notes taken are shared across the platforms to all other access points
Accessible – access course material anywhere via any device
Enhanced – no restrictions to add subsequent multimedia content options; follow up course information; learning objectives at no cost
Environmental – zero production wastage costs, low production energy, zero shipping and energy costs all leading to low carbon footprint

“…the cost involved with the production & distribution of training manuals is no longer necessary”

How e-courseware improves the training experience

MyLiveBook offers a highly dynamic and flexible presentation of training materials:

– The flexibility of instructor-led training both onsite or online
– Users access content in the classroom & on work or home computers, laptops, tablets & phone
– Users can make notes, highlights & bookmark content which can be easily searched at any time
– Annotations are synchronised so notes made in the classroom are available on the users’ work or home device
– Text or graphics can be highlighted freehand and noted as a navigation point
– More complex & dynamic content can be used including video content & feedback forms
– Comprehensive search – not only searches all text in the document but also searches the users’ notes & annotations
– Last minute registrations courseware available in real time

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