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Welcome to KnowledgePoint

KnowledgePoint brings your learning to life by improving the performance of your content and services.
  • KnowledgePoint offers security, speed and a thorough understanding of our business needs. We work together with them, using their experience to help us develop how we do things. It’s a real collaboration.

    Head of Learning & Development, a FTSE 250 company - KnowledgePoint customer for 17 years

  • KnowledgePoint has been a breath of fresh air. They have taken away the burden of administration and the responsibility of getting the right pieces of paper to the right people.

    Learning & Development Manager, a FTSE 250 company - KnowledgePoint customer for 1 year

  • We started working with KnowledgePoint in January 2016 having worked with our previous print supplier for over ten years. Any concerns about the transition period and ongoing support provision were quickly dispelled by the professional and responsive service offered by the KnowledgePoint team.

    Director of Operations, a training company - KnowledgePoint customer for 1 year

  • I’m amazed at what KnowledgePoint can do. Its speed of production and turnaround times are highly impressive.

    Our partner in the US couldn’t find anyone there who could match KnowledgePoint’s quality or price, even taking shipping costs into account.

    Editor in Chief, a large publishing company - KnowledgePoint customer for 6 years

  • KnowledgePoint has been highly flexible and it’s been a true partnership. We would not have achieved this level of growth without being able to maintain the quality levels that they deliver for us.

    Managing Director, a global training company - KnowledgePoint customer for 4 years

  • We feel reassured that KnowledgePoint is working for us. We can trust them to print and deliver our materials in the most professional manner possible.

    Qualifications Manager, a British charity - KnowledgePoint customer for 11 years

  • We had concerns about how effective digital courseware could be after more than twenty years of instructor led training. MyLiveBook was the perfect blend of the old and new. Our students love it.

    VP Learning and Development, a Nasdaq Tech 100 company - KnowledgePoint customer for 2 years

  • Our entire business is dependant on delivering high levels of quality in everything we do. KnowledgePoint are perfect because they care so much about what they do. As a result, I don’t have to worry about it.

    Operations Manager, a large training company - KnowledgePoint customer for 12 years

  • Bringing France and Germany on board meant a huge increase in the volume of courseware and, of course, new language requirements. KnowledgePoint’s methods mean we can be more agile and turn our services around that much quicker.

    Operations Director, a FTSE 100 company - KnowledgePoint customer for 15 years

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