International Trade

How it works

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You want to scale quickly

You’ve tough targets to hit and the capital expenditure to get you operational makes expansion higher risk.

You get in touch

You spend some time with one of our lead consultants, for free, to understand what you’re trying to achieve.

We speak the language

We engage our international contact centre and localise all the messaging and support your want delivered.

We’re experts in going global

It’s never been more important to understand the complexity of moving product from one country to another. Particularly when its delivery is as time critical as a training course.

That’s why KnowledgePoint has its own international trade team managing the often capricious customs demands of the 146 countries that we ship to on a regular basis.

Knowing that a wire bound manual labelled as paper will be stopped in Shanghai because it contains metal, having the right documentation to prove our ink doesn’t contain any foodstuffs for the FDA in America or even that whiskey over a certain volume is classed as an explosive, comes with experience.

We are constantly updating our shipping procedures for every country, not relying on the shipping company to know best. And where issues do arise, we’re immediately on hand to get things pushed through.

Our team are referred any international addresses that don’t match the format to make certain they’re heading to the right place and our international contact centre is on hand to manage any more complicated issues in the local language.

Everything here is focussed on optimising the transit of your orders to avoid unnecessary delays.

If you have a question about shipping overseas or you’d like to get started please get in touch via +44 (0) 1189 181500 or