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Every order is proactively monitored and managed throughout its journey.

Our customer services team begin the day early, and before we’re even open for business they have reviewed the progress of every order that’s in transit that day. That’s how we achieve an on time delivery attempt rate of 99.9%.

From the moment the order is collected from us we use our own proprietary software, fully integrated with the shipping companies systems, to flag locations and journey’s that might present a challenge for the delivery driver. This is all based on twenty years of experience with the millions of deliveries we’ve done for every one of our customers.

Customer services are your eyes and ears on the road.

And the best part is being able to contact them directly, never needing to work with the shipping company, and always getting straight through. If you don’t believe us, pick up the phone and call them right now to say hello: +44 (0) 1189 181500 (08:15-18:00 Monday to Friday).

If you can’t make the call or it’s out of hours then you can check progress using our App and our key accounts also receive a dedicated Key Account Manager and their mobile number to contact.

Any locations that have been flagged historically will be automatically raised and our algorithm will flag others for things like rural locations, addresses that don’t match what’s on the internet, or even something simple like an order without a telephone number for the driver.

Every new location we ship to has a separate process to make certain it receives some extra attention. We correct any address mistakes that might be confusing, check the location from the road on Google maps and reference directions on the recipients website to flag any common difficulties in finding them.

We will contact the venue and even send pictures and descriptions to the delivery drivers to make certain they know where to look. We hold records of access times for town centres that close off during the day and locations that can only be accessed from the road to make sure there’s time to get your order delivered. We even flag addresses that are a greater distance from their depots and addresses with poor road access so as to be sure the right vehicle is used for the delivery.

All the economies of scale that you only get with a large company, all the personal service that you only get with a local company.