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Every order has its weight compared to a perfect example of that work so nothing is missed

Weight verification is a technique normally reserved for large retailers or complex manufacturing processes but we have applied it to producing your materials, to every order, because we know that the next people to see what we do are normally your customers.

Before your order is produced we create a perfect example of the work. This can be anything from a single item to a kit for a whole course worth of materials. We know the weight of each component and store this total against your order.

Our machinery can account for something as small as the change in paper weight based on the humidity level in the building.

Once your order has been produced using our exacting quality standards it’s weighed. The weight must match the perfect example of your work for it to leave our building. In this way we can be 100% certain that what you’ve asked for has been shipped.

The impact is immediately apparent for new customers.

No more boxes arriving with something missing or the wrong thing in the box.

When you consider the volume of business that passes through our doors in a day this process is essential.

It ensures that individual orders are treated with individual care.

That’s because although weight verification is done digitally it’s also checked by the human being who has packaged up your order. At this stage in the process they become responsible for your materials and the accuracy of what we’re sending.

It’s just one more step to ensure we deliver on time, every time but it’s an important one. It’s also a great example of KnowledgePoint’s innovative approach to business.

If you’d like to arrange a visit at our facility at Winnersh Triangle please just give us a call on +44 (0) 1189 181500 or email care@knowledgepoint.com.