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From academia and throughout your professional career, Autodesk provides educational resources—instructor-led, self-paced, or online training—and certification to help you stay competitive.

Competition for talent is fierce in today’s marketplace. Universities want to enrol the smartest, most committed students and equip them for professional success after they graduate.

Employers want to attract and retain well-qualified, ambitious professionals who not only work hard but also help them win new projects and gain industry recognition.

Students and professionals just want to get ahead—and stay there.

Stand out with an Autodesk certification

– Earn an industry-recognised credential that helps prove your skill level and can get you hired
– Develop your skills with sample projects and exercises that emphasise real-world applications
– Accelerate your professional development and help enhance your credibility and career success
– Validate your skills and join an elite team of Autodesk Certified professionals

Certification options

Autodesk Certified User (ACU) – Autodesk Certified User (ACU) certification is an excellent way for students with about 40 hours of real-world Autodesk software experience to validate their software skills. Learn more 

Autodesk Certified Professional (ACP) – Autodesk Certified Professional (ACP) is the logical credential for advanced and profession Autodesk software users who possess at least 400 hours of real-world Autodesk software experience. Learn more

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